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– Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York. 3 million hot tubs in operation in the U. The Forbes Home editorial team is independent and objective. This system we used for moving a hot tub worked so well that we moved our very large chicken coop we built from our garage to it’s resting place halfway across our yard the same way. Photo via Alliance Woodcraft. You will probably need a building permit, which can average at about $1,000. But at just 80 lbs empty, they are small enough to fit through a standard door and light enough to be rolled around, which makes moving them very easy. What will the main use of the spa be. Most times you can use removable deck planks to achieve access to the equipment side of the spa.

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The term “hot tub” is typically used to refer to an above ground portable spa. You see this often with items like pianos, pool tables, and hot tubs. If your hot tub is in good enough shape, it’ll be easy to sell if you choose a good price. After a long day, what could be better than sinking into your own hot tub. Whether you are moving your hot tub or spa to a new house across town or to the brand new deck you just built, either way it will not be easy. Pools are great for the summer, but when it comes to winter it becomes difficult to keep enjoying your yard. Most hot tubs are freestanding and can be removed without damaging the foundation. Never attempt to move a hot tub on your own without a clear, detailed plan. If you consider yourself a great handy man who can get access to quality materials, then consider performing this great outdoor project. Lastly, the hard side tub is not easily relocated in doors.

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The total depends mostly on the size and type, but also where you plan to put it. Getting a hot tub installed in the backyard is a much simpler process than you might imagine. To comply with the new e Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. Softub also make portable spas, in the ‘soft sided’ rather than inflatable category. According to the home services marketplace HomeAdvisor, a 4 person tub filled with water could weigh as much as 4,000 pounds. ” – Tip by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture, California. A step by step guide to Caffenol, the genius process substituting chemicals like ammonia and formaldehyde with instant coffee. So, if you’ve felt inspired by our hot tub ideas gallery, these designs below are well worth perusing to elevate the look further. Hot tubs are very heavy, so if you do want to install it in your home, you need to make sure that the floor it will be on is strong enough to hold it. These are good for families of four that entertain and couples who host guests regularly. Got pipes to roll it on but can’t lift it more then 3/4″. When it comes to hot tub prices, you pay for what you get. So, be sure to have one installed within reach. Can hot tubs be installed indoors. Photo via Long Island Hot Tub. You must know the deck’s weight bearing load capacity and ensure that it is greater than the maximum filled weight of your spa combined with the occupants using it or serious injury or structural damage could result. Filmmaker Graeme Jenvey discusses his $13k backyard cabin build, shares advice for fellow builders, and reflects on lessons learned. If you have an awkward space or need a uniquely designed hot tub, then you can have it custom made. However, if you struggle with your hot tub privacy because of a small or perhaps over looked garden, you may need inspiration on what to do. Before installing your hot tub inside, we recommend you check with a building contractor to ensure that your spa’s weight isn’t too much for the structure to handle. Tall plants will help shield you from prying eyes. Heavy usage could decrease the interval. – Gabe Givan, Sonoma Backyard, California. A pergola is a great addition to any backyard. Adding a spa to an existing gunite pool is practically like creating another gunite pool.

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Yes, but it’s best to hire an expert to take apart your hot tub. A nearby seating area keeps things social, or is the perfect place for a spot of lunch. I’m sure other brands are just as good but I only have my own experience to draw from on this point. Yes, according to the Swimming Pools Act 1992, you need to have a fence even if your spa pool has a lockable cover. If you choose your plan and materials wisely, you may save money with a DIY project. That’s the same weight as a car. Ensure to spaced out the dollies to allow the tub to have a stable balance on them. This is pretty straightforward now that you’ve got all the holes cut. Installing a hot tub also means installing an electrical system that the hot tub can connect to. Hot tubs are made for relaxation, and you’re not relaxed if you’re self conscious. There are different types you may have, or if you don’t have a custom cover for it, place a cushioned blanket over the top and use moving straps to secure it. The video includes a complete list of materials in the description. To begin, you will need an empty stock tank so you can cut the holes on the side to attach to spigots; one on top to pump in water and one below to drain it. Photo via Nick Leith Smith. Some of the best backyard lighting includes hanging string lights, landscape spotlights, pathway lights, hot tub LED lights, hanging globes, and wall sconces. You can then surround the whole thing with a bunch of plants and rocks to create a more “natural” feel. Always put your spa on a structurally sound, level surface. Never try to move a hot tub by yourself—it is extremely dangerous and damage caused by doing so may void the warranty. There are so many options to create an indoor/outdoor structure in your garden these days that more and more home owners are building this kind of structure. Edge of deck installations are not only beautiful and space saving, they also offer outstanding access to the Hot Tub, making entry and exit safe and easy. AboutHelpTermsPrivacy. If you do not want to build a stock tank tub, you can go for the concrete block or cinder block look or even get a wooden tub. After all, what’s the point of owning and maintaining a perfectly good hot tub if you aren’t comfortable using it. Regional office:150 King Street West Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5H 1J9.

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You can request a quote here. One of the best home improvement ideas you may ever have is to revamp your backyard with the installation of an outdoor spa. So, be sure to have one installed within reach. Depending on the voltage of the unit, you may need to upgrade your outlet if you intend to plug in, or you may need to upgrade a circuit. Imagine if you could just step outside, jump into your own private tub and drift away into a bubbling bath of serenity after a long day. This Jacuzzi hot tub dimensions are 84×84″x36″, complimented by a wooden decking surround. Once it does, turn the vacuum off and disconnect the hose from it. 8 tonnes of weight – certainly not light. Once you add some pot lights throughout your walkway, garden, and exterior of the hot tub, your backyard will be well on its way to becoming a private paradise. Complementing your pool with a hot tub at time of installation ensures a seamless, built in look and feel. This liner needs to be bigger than the pond itself so that you have an overlap onto the ground level of your garden, making it easier to anchor down with rocks, top soil, or ornaments. Most companies that haul away old hot tubs build the cost of disposal into the price. ” — Leisa, British Columbia. Where are you located. Place bottom on chime joists and use a level to ensure bottom is level. It’s not as common as we might like to see but many people get really creative and repurposed their hot tub. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You might be thinking you need special plumbing installed for your above ground hot tub, but that isn’t true. The following video from Tampa Bay Hot Tubs, a Hot Spring dealer, shows what goes into moving a spa correctly. It is important to measure everything before you start the moving process. If you’ve had your hot tub for awhile, it may be time to shop for a new spa instead of moving your current spa to your new home. The individual who created this hot tub used a Rubbermaid stock tank he found at his local feed store. Some people choose to install tile or custom wood around their spas. Outdoor water connection is through a standard garden hose. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. Lifesmart Spas 65 Jet.

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You May Also Be Interested In Hot Tubs Available On Home Depot. Is the spa location within reach of power. If your hot tub will be located outdoors, ideally it should be situated close to the home and adjacent to an entrance. I didn’t need to make it 100% waterproof, it just needed to be splash proof. You can relax without anyone else as this wooden tub is meant for a single person. Spas in this price range offer the very best ownership experience. Take a look at our Image Gallery or our Pinterest Page for design inspiration. There are even options with automated screens, so you can open them when you want light, and close them for more protection and privacy. Your hot tub can easily become the highlight of an elaborate design that encapsulates all that your property can offer. Installing a hot tub should be done in an appropriate and accessible place around your home, particularly if there are building and electrical codes that you need to meet. In fact, they’ll all arrive in full uniform so that you can easily identify them. You can donate your old hot tub to charity based thrift shops or organisations. After the hot tub is delivered and in place, it takes a qualified electrician 6 to 8 hours to install a hot tub. This depends on the tub and its material. Hot tubs are pretty sturdy, but they do need repairs from time to time. Begin the process of heating the tub. The truth is that hot tubs are heavy, especially once they’re filled with water. Also, if a hot tub is installed outdoors, there’s no need to worry about proper ventilation. For use at start up and during freshwater spa fi. In ground hot tubs cost $8,000 to $25,000 to build new or add to your existing pool. Ideally if you have a balanced hot tub, it is acceptable to drain your hot tub into the mains drain, so if you can run a hose to that drain, it is ideal.

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However, whenever a residential move comes around the corner, looking for you, you’ll have to decide what to do with your prized possession that has surely been a considerable investment. How can you use landscape lights to highlight the hot tub both for beauty and functionality. I’m always here to help. Using a Bobcat or removing fencing to get the hot tub situated can also elevate the cost. Unfortunately, too often it remains no more than a dream due to the prohibitive cost of buying a hot tub and having it installed. Awesome common wall home in great neighborhood. “Prompt and easily done. Above ground or recessed.

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For these reasons, a hot tub mineral sanitizer uses one or both of them as active ingredients. But how do you decide on the perfect a hot tub place. You’re getting the hot tub and turning your backyard into even more of a social and entertainment destination in your home. Common choices are arbors and hedges. Power Per Square Foot Website. × Your link has been automatically embedded. Before you set up your little oasis, here are a few things to note. Before we walk through some ballpark price tags, did you know that many hot tub dealers offer financing. By rseeleyStarted 14 hours ago. After the site survey was complete and your Hot Tub was ready to be installed, we would follow the devised plan agreed from the site survey. We’ve got some great examples of this kind of installation. You can usually save about 50% on a synthetic base for your hot tub. If you’re just starting the process of finding the right hot tub for you, reach out to us — we’re here to help. She managed to talk them into it, but then came another hurdle. All hot tub components, including its plumbing and electrical system, are built inside the hot tub cabinet. Most likely it would be fine, but you would want to verify this with an electrician to be safe. A hot tub is the simplest type of spa to install. – Mel Higgins, Aquarius Pools and Spas, Maine. They make even better backyards. Com mover, you can rest assured that your hot tub will be in good hands during the moving process. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best outdoor hot tub installation ideas and décor trends for your backyard in 2021.

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View all posts by Marian White. Now you just need to decide where to put it. Naturally, emerging springs of hot water pool on the volcanic rock beds below, attracting visitors from around the planet. But this one includes a comfy seating area too, making it a space for entertaining as well as relaxing. Aside from costs, the advantages and disadvantages of portable and in ground spas vary. Here’s why you can trust us. Once you add some pot lights throughout your walkway, garden, and exterior of the hot tub, your backyard will be well on its way to becoming a private paradise. Value priced hot tub: $5,000 to $8,000. Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 3,009 HomeAdvisor members. Interject smooth, symmetrical lines in your backyard design with this multi step short deck, accented with a stone path, pergola, raised bench, and colorful patio umbrella. Then you’ll need several people, and probably some lifting straps, to help you get it up on the deck. The manufacturer should provide instructions on how to attach this. Having an adequate access area to the equipment area is imperative to long term happy hot tubbers. The first 100 days of owning your hot tub is the perfect time to fully equip yourself with everything you need so that you’ll never have to leave your ultimate back yard oasis. 100 dollars or so probably. Although less involved than planning for a pool, installing a spa or hot tub isn’t a task to be taken lightly. The most important tip when building a pergola is to monitor shadows and sun positions over your hot tub area for at least a year before beginning construction. But there are additional pricing factors that you may not be aware of, and it’s important that we cover those, too. Don’t forget the umbrella must be the perfect fit for your hot tub to ensure practicality, a make shift accessory from the garden will not do. As an added bonus, trees are also perfect for holiday lights, bird feeders, and depending on the type, swings and treehouses. As you would expect, the more features you are looking for, the more they cost. The most sought after benefits, however, are in fact the health benefits. If you really want to take it to the next level, you can always fence in the whole backyard. Not only is the process very labor intensive, but once you have the hot tub broken apart you need to think about where to haul the pieces. Whether moving a hot tub to a new home or simply moving it to another spot in the yard, one thing’s for sure: it won’t be easy. This is not right, you should not have to top it up that often at all. This will depend on the size and depth of the pond, if you need to buy materials like rocks to line the pond, and the cost of any landscaping and plants both for the pond and surrounding it.

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Homeowners, though, might need to do some prep work before the hot tub arrives. Stone is one of our favorite garden materials. We figured you might be. Screens don’t have to be made of wood either. View all posts by Marian White. When the time comes to turn your jacuzzi/hot tub into nothing more than some pleasant memories, we want you to call us at Clutter Trucker. A step by step guide to Caffenol, the genius process substituting chemicals like ammonia and formaldehyde with instant coffee. This family created a tank pool out of a stock tank. Of course, you can call after your hot tub is done too if you have other questions on its operation, water chemistry etc. If you’re looking to downsize, this compact design fits a family of 5 comfortably and allows for the enjoyment of relaxing in a hot tub. While keeping your budget in mind, it’s important to remember that quality sometimes comes at a cost. The best location for your backyard hot tub is where it will bring you the most joy. The Forbes Home editorial team is independent and objective. Not everyone has a large backyard to work with. Written on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. Plan for installation access into your home; you’ll need clearance to get the spa to its permanent location. I paid $100 to get it from the curb to the back. Although trees provide a natural setting, you don’t want leaves and twigs in your tub. Delivery personnel need an unobstructed path to transport your hot tub from their truck to your location, using a dolly. For outdoor spas, a 4 inch concrete slab is recommended. Not only will screening protect your privacy, but it can also add an attractive focal point to your backyard. You could choose a modern wall clad in stacked stone or similar, or a simple brick wall that’s classic and understated. Any hot tub needs a solid foundation that can support the weight of the spa when filled with water.


While your tub is heating, add the appropriate sanitizing chemicals to the water. But it’s important that you do not install a swim spa on grass or an uneven surface. As you immerse your body into the heat of the jet driven water, it’s almost as though you can feel the stress seamlessly fading away as the relaxation settles in. If you’re planning on having your garden landscaped as part of your hot tub installation, it’s well worth asking your hot tub showroom to recommend a landscape gardener or architect. You’ll also need to take steps to ensure that any splashing on the floor won’t cause lasting damage, so take care when choosing flooring. His book Somebody Scream: Rap Music’s Rise to Prominence in the Aftershock of Black Power was nominated for a Zora Neale Hurston Award. The maintenance costs depend on the model of hot tub you purchase, as well as the cost of utilities in your area. Design decks around hot tubs to be user friendly for both the owners and service techs. Basically, you need to make sure that you have access to the backyard; a solid, level place to set the spa; and electricity, and a garden hose in close proximity. Courteous, punctual and took care of my removal with no issues. The maximum filled weight of a spa can be as much as 6,000 lbs 2,722 kg, plus the weight of the occupants that use the spa. You can also do this process a few days before and allow your spa to air dry completely. These lights can highlight the best features of your hot tub and increase the beauty of your landscaping. Joshua Green is a relocation expert and a moving industry professional, one of the esteemed contributors to MyMovingReviews. The foundation should be solid, as it’s going to be hosting a hot tub for many years to come. Photo by Better Home and Gardens via The Urban Homestead. Not only does this add a beautiful lighting design to your deck, but it is also a safety feature that helps keep people from falling down/up your steps. My hot tub will be flush with the decking. The warm, moving water also relieves pressure on your joints, taking away the pain. Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Due date: Before Sunday, 31 July 2022.